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Depending where you live, you may have a real problem with hard water. What does that mean? Well, hard water is when there are excessive amounts of minerals in the source water. In Utah that is usually measured at 10+ grains per gallon, which is considered “hard” in the measurement scale.

What does that actually mean for you? If you own a home or business in Utah you likely experience issues such as buildup of white calcium on your faucets, spots on your dishes, clean clothes that feel dingy or stiff, hair that doesn’t feel very healthy, reduced water flow, and inefficient appliances. All of these examples are typically related to hard water.

To combat that we often install water softeners and water purification systems. These are ways of treating the water so it is better for use and consumption.

While hard water will generally not cause serious health issues, it can impact your health in ways such as damaged skin and hair, and damage to your appliances and in time your wallet.

We know how to correct your hard water issues with top of the line water softener systems, reverse osmosis systems and more. Have a system already? We can service your system and repair or replace parts if necessary. We can also show you how to use your system properly and most efficiently.

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To understand the most common issues you may face with your water softener system, you need to understand how it works.

First, most water softener systems replace the hard minerals ions such as calcium and magnesium with salt ions. These salt ions are not damaging to your health or appliances.

As water flows through the system, this switch takes place when water passes through a chamber full of beads loaded with salt ions. The salt ions on the beads are swapped with the hard mineral ions, and eventually the hard mineral ions are rinsed out into the waste water when the system is flushed.

The main components of a water softener are: mineral tank, outlet manifold, beads, brine tank, float and valve assembly, and the pipes in and out.

Now that you understand it more, here are the most common issues…

  • Blockage: As the exchange takes place in the system, deposits can build up and create a blockage that reduces or prevents water flow or limits the effectiveness of the softening process. These are generally easy to diagnose and fix.
  • Salt Bridges: This is basically what the name implies. As the system processes, salt that is used to replace the salt ions on the beads can form an arch at the top of the salt tank. It may look like your tank is full, while underneath this bridge you are actually all out of salt. Regularly checking the salt and ensuring it’s not sticking on the top is a simple solution.
  • Damaged Beads: The resin beads that make the salt/hard mineral exchange happen can break apart over time, especially if your system if highly active in it’s exchange and flushing. You may notice bead particles floating on the water in the tank. Replacing or cleaning the beads may be required. This is generally uncommon.
  • Inefficient or Broken Motor: Water softeners have mechanical parts. That means it’s possible they can break. Replacing a motor may be an option, but it can be cost prohibitive so we will always consult with you first.
  • Operator Issues: How familiar are you with your water softener? Chances are you mostly just add salt to it periodically. The fact is that there is a little more to a water softener than that. We will teach you how to properly operate your water softener so you get the very best results and experience out of it.

There are a few different types of water softeners, four in fact. They are; ion exchange, reverse osmosis, salt free, and magnetic.

Ion exchange is perhaps the most common for whole home use and is the system we’ve been discussing most.

Reverse osmosis is common for kitchen sinks and is often used to improve water for drinking.

Salt free systems are not always considered true water softeners as they don’t actually “soften” the water because they don’t remove the heavy minerals.

Magnetic softeners have not altogether been proven to be effective or work at all.

Fortunately we have experience working with all types of water softeners, so no matter what you have we can service, repair, or replace your water softener system.

As with all of our plumbing services, we offer a full 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work and parts. We offer full service water softener replacement, water softener repair and water softener installation for both residential and commercial plumbing customers.

Your Salt Lake City plumber is ready to offer information, pricing, and education on your water softener system. Just call us at 801-797-3380 any time, day or night.

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 Plumber Salt Lake City knows water purification systems like water softeners

Plumber Salt Lake City, part of Beehive Plumbing, is here to provide any residential and commercial plumbing services that you may need. Not everyone can handle the nuances of water softener repair or water softener service, but we can.

More than that we can handle all the rest of your plumbing needs including 24 hour emergency plumbing services, drain cleaning, commercial boiler repairs, commercial boiler replacement, water heater repair, new water heater installation, commercial toilet repair, commercial urinal repair, water softener repair, new water softener installation, tankless water heaters, main water line repair, main sewer line repair, and sewer liner installation.

We always offer a full 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work. This ensures we do the very best job every time, and give your the peace of mind to know you can count on us.

We are here to provide estimates, answer questions and explain your options no matter your plumbing need, even if it’s not with water heater services. Plumber Salt Lake City is here for you. Call us at 801-797-3380.

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