Sewer Liners

Sewer liners offer an effective, affordable sewer line repair solution


There are a number of things a plumbing company can do to address the issues of damaged or broken main sewer lines. We have already addressed our sewer main line services on another page, but we offer other solutions.

One of the best solutions is what’s sometimes referred to as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), pulled-in-place pipe (PIP), sewer liners, or trenchless sewer line repair.

Whatever you call it, we offer an affordable solution that saves you the trouble of digging up your yard, spending lots of money, and dealing with the time it takes to completely replace your sewer main line.

The solution is placing a resin covered, flexible tubular material inside the original pipe. This flexible pipe is then heated to expand and then allowed to cool where it hardens. This flexible inner pipe is thin enough that it barely decreases the diameter of the pipe, and once cured it is considered to be more durable than even the original pipe.

Sewer liners are practically impervious to the normal threats that the original sewer pipe is susceptible to. They are affordable and they can be installed with much less overall intrusion.

Sewer liners are something that many people don’t understand. Call your Plumber SLC at 801-797-3380 with questions.

partially exposed sewer line
section of blue and red pipe
cracked and rotted pipe sitting on ground
Sewer pipe lining is not hard to understand, but it helps to know how it all works. Here are the details of the process…
  • First – we inspect: By using professional equipment such as in line cameras we are able to determine the severity of the original pipe damage and assess the best way to go about repairing it with a sewer liner. 
  • Second – we prep and clean: There are lots of reasons a sewer pipe fails. We make sure to clean out any debris, root growth, clogs, and any other materials that would prevent the resin and the new sewer liner from curing correctly.
  • Third – we install: We carefully place the new sewer liner inside the old pipe and make sure it is properly prepared to cure the way it should before the liner is inflated.
  • Fourth – we review our work: Installing the liner is only part of the process. We have to make sure we do it right. We stand behind all of our work so we will always make sure the liner inflated properly, that it has adhered tot he original pipe correctly, and that there are no problems. We again use our camera equipment to ensure this work.
  • Fifth – we clean up: Once we complete the installation we clean up everything by releasing the air used to inflate the liner. We then test everything and wrap up our work.

Sewer liners are an excellent solution. We are here to explain how it works, provide estimates, and schedule your sewer liner installation once you’re ready.

Your Salt Lake City plumber and Beehive Plumbing has been one of the pioneers of sewer liners. We are happy to help you with yours. Call us at 801-797-3380.

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Plumber Salt Lake City can fix that sewer pipe with a sewer liner

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Plumber Salt Lake City is ready to answer your questions, offer estimates and consultation, and schedule your plumbing needs. If you need a sewer liner, we’re your best salt lake city plumbing option. Call us at 801-797-3380.

man in yellow shirt with ball cap working with sewer liner
section of pipe exposed through hole in ground
man in yellow shirt holding pipe lining system

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