Main Sewer Lines

Main Sewer Line

Main Sewer Line repairs


Sewer lines are a part of every home or business. Any water waste needs to be removed. After working its way through any internal piping, it all leads to the main sewer line that connect back to the municipal sewer system or into a septic tank.

When this main sewer line is damaged it causes a major disruption. Damage can happen in a variety of ways such as seismic damage, construction, yard work, chemical degradation, dramatic changes in temperature, blockage, and tree root growth. Older pipes are more susceptible to damage.

Main sewer pipes are made from a variety of materials such as plastic, clay, cast iron, PVC, ABS, and fiber conduit pipe also called orangeburg. While some are more durable than others, all types of pipes can be damaged and cause homeowners and business owners problems.

The good thing is that plumbing professionals like Plumber Salt Lake City and Beehive Plumbing knows how to handle main sewer line repairs or main sewer line replacement. We are excellent at getting the job done quickly and for a fair price.

For all your Salt Lake City man sewer line plumbing needs, remember to call Plumber Salt Lake City at 801-797-3380.

sewer line dug into hole in ground
large sewer pipe dug into ground
three men standing in hole in the ground holding blue length of sewer pipe
While we handle any plumbing problems, here are some of our most commons residential plumbing services;

Main sewer line repair or replacement can be a big deal. While it can be an easy fix with the right equipment, sometimes it takes a lot of hard work to get to the problem. Drain cleaning may be the simple solution, but it may not.

Here are three of the main reasons we are called to repair or replace a main sewer line;


  • Multiple drains in the home or building are backed up. Experiencing a single blocked drain is not uncommon. hair, grease, debris and other things can get into the drain and cause that specific drain to slow or back up completely. When there are multiple drains that are all backed up, it generally means there is a blockage deeper in the system affecting the entire building. Gurgling noises from air bubbles trapped in the system can also be an indication.   
  • Water overflows to another fixture, usually the lowest point. When water can’t escape through the main sewer drain line it tends to find the easiest point of escape. That tends to be the lowest drain or fixture in the house. Flushing the toilet, using a sink, and running a dishwasher or washing machine can help diagnose if there truly is a block.
  • Sewage Clean out floods. Most homes built in the last thirty five to forty years should have a sewage clean out. If dirty sewage water is visible or coming out of this clean out it likely means there is a blockage.

Any of these problems are signs that you most likely have a main sewer line problem. We don’t want you to deal with the issues that come from this. Call Plumber Salt Lake City if you suspect you have main sewer line problems. 801-797-3380.

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Plumber Salt Lake City can replace or repair your sewer main line

Plumber Salt Lake City is part of Beehive Plumbing. We provide additional exposure and lead generation for Beehive Plumbing to make it easier when our plumbing customers need their main sewer lines repaired. Our goal is to make sure when you face that sewer pipe damage problem you know who to call.

For almost twenty years we have been the trusted experts for drain cleaning and sewer pipe repair needs. We strive to always be the very best plumbers for your emergency sewer line problems. To be the most professional plumber out there, we have to know what we’re doing and always be able to deliver.

That means we can handle every plumbing issue you may face such as 24 hour emergency plumbing services, drain cleaning, commercial boiler repairs, commercial boiler replacement, water heater repair, new water heater installation, commercial toilet repair, commercial urinal repair, water softener repair, new water softener installation, and main water line repair.

We stand behind everything we do with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We do this because we want to earn your business for life. This will only happen if we do the job right, act professionally, and provide work that you will be happy with.

We’re here to answer any questions or provide free estimates about your sewer main line repair needs. Call Plumber Salt Lake City today at 801-797-3380.

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