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You can’t predict when you are going to have a plumbing emergency. Sometimes it’s in the middle of the night when you discover a frozen pipe has burst and flooded your house. Other times it may be the unpleasant realization that all your golf balls just went down the toilet at the hands of your toddler. Whatever the cause, we can respond fast and get things back to normal.

Not all Salt Lake City plumbing companies will respond to a phone call on the weekends or in the middle of the night. We not only respond to the phone call, but to your emergency plumbing needs.

We will get to your home or business fast and provide the 24-hr emergency plumbing you need no matter what.

You can imagine that getting a plumber to respond for a plumbing emergency is not only hard, but also expensive. We make sure to offer fair and reasonable prices regardless of the time or day you call us. We will still deliver the same professional plumbing services that you would expect.

We can handle broken sinks, backed up toilets, surprisingly damaged urinals, frozen pipes, blocked drains, flooded basements and more. We will always diagnose the real problem, offer you the right solutions, and then perform the work you expect to the highest level of professional plumbing standards.

So the next time you are faced with a middle of the night, long holiday weekend 24-Hour emergency plumbing situation, remember to call Plumber Salt Lake City at 801-797-3380.

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Some of the most common emergency plumbing needs are…
  • Broken Pipes: Water pipes last a long time, but eventually they all experience damage from hard water, temperature changes, or accidents. When your pipes break and the water starts flooding we can get there fast and get things back to new again. You should know where your main water valve is in case of these types of plumbing emergencies. 
  • Water Line Damage: We have a whole page just for this issue. Water lines bring your culinary water into the house or office. Damage to this line can lead to dirty water or total loss of water pressure. Flooding soon follows. If you suspect your main water line is damaged from root growth, freezing temperature changes, construction or yard work, or seismic activity like an earthquake or explosion, call Plumber Salt Lake City fast. 
  • Sewer Line Damage: Sewer main lines are key so your home or office doesn’t become the epicenter of the next great plague. Sewage water is unhealthy, let alone stinky. We can diagnose the issue and fix your sewer main.  
  • Water Heater Leaks: Over time, water heaters experience buildup of rust and deposits from hard water. This can lead to damaged valves, pipes, and seals. We make sure that your water heater emergency is fixed, then check the rest of your water heater to make sure you won’t be in for more emergency plumbing surprises anytime soon.
  • Faucet Leaks: This is one of the most common, and most annoying plumbing issues. Sometimes it’s as simple as replacing a seal in the faucet, but other times the entire fixture needs to be replaced. With the variety of sink fixtures and faucets available these days, it’s not always east to determine what is causing the faucet leak. We will figure it out and fix the leak so the drip, drip, dripping doesn’t drive you crazy all night and spike your water bill.
  • Washing Machine Hose Leaks: When your washing machine hose leaks, either from damage to the hose itself or the couplet that connects to your water line, you want to fix this issue fast. Water damage leads to mold and more.
  • Hot Water Loss: While many hot water issues are due to water heater issues, that’s not always the case. We can determine if the issue is with your gas line, electrical line, utility company, pipes, or water heater. No matter the culprit, we will get the issue fixed and get your hot water flowing again as quickly as possible. 
  • Clogged Toilets: We’ve already mentioned things like golf balls that find their way into your toilet. Anyone with kids knows that most anything can become wedged or made to disappear in a toilet. Not only is a backed up toilet inconvenient, but it can also lead to more severe or permanent damage to your overall plumbing. Getting the blockage cleared and ensuring things are still functioning properly is what we will do for you.
  • Clogged sinks: Sinks can become backed up or clogged for a number of reasons. Some of the most common are grease, hair, debris, or sludge caused by a combination of many disgusting things. Whatever the cause, we can get that clogged drain cleared and functioning properly so you and your family or business can get back to normal.
  • Clogged Tub and Shower Drains: It’s most common to find nasty hairballs built up in tub and shower drains, but that’s not all that can happen. Sometimes the products you use to clean your self can cause buildup and blockage. This blockage often works its way deep into the pipes so a simple tool can’t reach it. We have the right tools and experience to clear any drain cleaning problems.

Not all plumbing emergency issues are created equal. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of knowing what to look for and fixing the small issue. Whatever the cause of your 24 hour emergency, we promise to respond quickly and give you the best service possible so you and your home or office is back to normal.

We have highly skilled plumbing techs who are well versed in all major plumbing emergency issues. We make sure the have the very best tools to take care of the problem fast and effectively. We will always stand behind our work and make sure you are 100% satisfied.

Questions? Call the best Salt Lake City plumbers at 801-797-3380.

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We can answer your questions and help you understand what your water main line plumbing problems may be. Call Plumber SLC at 801-797-3380.

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